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Bay Area Community Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to promote minority youth development and achievement, financially assist college bound scholars, and provide impactful support to homeless communities.

Our organization focuses on aiding the Bay Area community through our award winning mentoring program, academic scholarships, and our various Homeless Assistance programs.


Our mentoring program is a program that provides underprivileged African American male youth STEM enrichment, college/career preparation, and college scholarships to our program graduates. It is designed to help youth in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding communities prepare for higher education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), achieve college enrollment to 4-year institutions, and serve as positive role models/contributors to their communities.

Corporate partnerships and individual sponsor donations are critical to the success of our programs.

Offering programs and scholarships to Bay Area youth since 1985

As a freshman at UNLV majoring in Biomedical Science I look back at my experience in the Kappa League Program and truly appreciate all the lessons I learned. The renewable scholarship I was awarded also helps my mother who's working to support me through school.

- Jeremiah H., Student

The Kapap League informed my

son of the value of higher education, moral character, and has motivated him to reach his full potential. Now that my son is a freshman at UNLV, his mentors continue to guide him and check on him. For that, I am grateful.

- Jazzman T., Parent

After being involved with the Kappa League for six years I met my goal of gaining admittance into Morehouse College which was my top college choice. My mentors not only helped me prepare for college, but proofread and paid for my applications fees. 

- Elijah T., Student 

Our son is able to be himself and stand corrected when needed. It takes a village. We are extremely grateful

for the Kappas and their role

in our community.

- Arturo & Wendell L., Parents

"Since 2013, Berkeley's Guide Right Program, has achieved remarkable success.

The program focuses on Middle School Students with high academic potential. Since its inception, it has been erasing barriers that impede academic success by assisting

students who need additional educational resources."

- Robert Harris, Past Grand Polemarch Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

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