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Kappa League

The Berkeley Alumni Kappa League program is a developmental program that provides the necessary training for leaders of tomorrow. We typically enroll middle school students and provide educational resources until they graduate from high school. Our ultimate goal is to help young men gain admittance into four-year colleges and
universities. We seek to work with individuals who have demonstrated the ability to be high achievers, but are currently underperforming. At the middle school level we help students overcome barriers to academic success by developing good study skills and habits. We teach our high school students principles of disciplined lifestyles that are required to attend the nation’s top colleges.

We are currently focused on developing a fundraising strategy, which will allow us to continue to extend the program to new students while providing scholarships for our graduates. In this third year of our pilot program, our inaugural class is now entering their freshman year in high school. To date our program has structured a solid foundation and we look forward to continued growth and expansion.

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